ClickUp – Project Management Solution


‘One app to replace them all’ is ClickUp‘s slogan and this has definitely been true for Whistler Creative. We stumbled across ClickUp after testing and trialing numerous other project management systems such as Asana, Trello, Monday, Wrike, Plutio, Basecamp, Teamwork – which all fell short in some way or another whether it be price, features, […]

Does your Website have a Privacy Policy?

A man ensuring privacy policy with a laptop and a padlock in front of it.

Note: This article is written by Whistler Creative. We are not lawyers or privacy policy experts and we don’t guarantee that the information contained in this post is accurate. We insist that you contact your lawyer for professional and accurate advice on Privacy Policies and other legal documents that may be required for your website. […]

Website Maintenance: The Key to a Successful Website

The key to a successful website - maintenance

Have you ever wondered why your cell phone requires numerous updates on a regular basis? Regular website maintenance is imperative to ensure that the software is up to date and secure, that the device is working properly, to fix bugs, and ensure the overall performance is operating at its full potential. If you choose to […]

8 Sustainable Paper Stocks Not Made of Trees for Your Project

Sustainable Paper Options

The world consumes around 400 million tons of paper each year, accounting for 70% of global warming, and the demand is only increasing. Regular paper stocks are not all made equal and many are made with unsustainable forestry practices. Even certified forestry supply chains are not perfect and can be subject to corruption and standards […]

Why Business Cards Matter

Whistler Creative Business Cards

Your business is your passion and your dreams come to life. Your business is a reflection of all of the long hours, the days spent pining over your vision and focus, and your future. Maybe you’ve got a website, some marketing materials, and a good digital presence. Maybe you’re thinking, “It’s 2019…why do business cards […]

Which File Format?

Which File Format?

The moment has finally come and your logo is ready to go! You open your email only to find your logo saved in a range of file formats. While it may seem overwhelming your designer is providing you with a variety of file formats to ensure you can utilize your logo to its full extent […]

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