An up to date website is crucial in maintaining online presence and converting visitors to make sales. If you’re looking to take website updates off your to-do list or simply to show your website a little TLC, our monthly website maintenance packages are for you. We keep your website current, secure and running smoothly. We also provide guidance and help on hosting providers and web set-up. 




Keep your website updated and running smoothly with our monthly careplan.



$450 per year

*only annual billing available with this plan



Keep your website updated and running smoothly with our monthly careplan and website hosting.



or $600 per year (save $120)



Keep your website updated and running smoothly with additional monthly content updates and hosting.



or $1,200 per year (save $240)

*Response time is during our regular working hours. Websites not built by Whistler Creative or older than 2 years must have a technical assessment completed prior to sign up for a maintenance plan. Plans include monthly website maintenance, monitoring and updates, if any fixes, edits or troubleshooting are required due to these updates – this is not include in the plan (unless you have allocated support hours available), otherwise it will be charged at our hourly rate. Website support hours can be used for items such as website support & questions, content updates, troubleshooting and fixes. Monthly and annual payment plans are available. Additional blocks of hours are available at a reduced rate. 

**Website must be hosted with one of our preferred partners, depending on the hosting company and plan you choose, features such as ssl certificates, and CND may be included.


If you need more support hours, we offer blocks of time that can be purchased at a reduced rate. These hour blocks are active for 3 months and can be used for services such as website content updates, additions, troubleshooting, fixes and general website support. Contact us for details.


Security of your website is the top reason for keeping your website up to date, out-dated frameworks, plugins and themes can become vulnerable. Other reasons include speed, new features, bug fixes and compatibility. 

In our quarterly review, we do a checkup of the site and server to make sure everything looks correct and that the website and server is functioning optimally.

Payment is due 30 days prior to the annual renewal date. Delay in payment could cause downtime for your website.

Yes, when you sign up to a Careplan we migrate your website over to our hosting server.

Our hosting is provided by Flywheel, an optimized WordPress Hosting Company.

Care plans are typically only available for websites that we have built within the last year. 

If you have an older website or a website not built by Whistler Creative, please contact us and we can review on a case by case basis.  

No, we do not host email accounts as part of these plans. For email hosting we recommend using GSuite. Contact your IT provider if you need assistance with setup or migrations of email.

Sometimes framework, theme or plugin updates can cause issues or break things. If this happens we have daily backups so these updates can be rolled back. Troubleshooting, fixes and changes to sites are not included in the careplans as part of the monthly updates, but these fixes can be completed as part of your monthly hours. If you have run out of ours on your plan, we have blocks of time that can be purchased or you will be billed at our hourly rate. 

Yes, please contact us to request an upgrade.

Our Care Plans are charged annually. No refunds are available if cancellations are requested part way through the plan. At the end of your annual plan if you do not wish to renew, please notify us 30 day prior to the renewal date. 

Websites must be migrated away from our hosting platform at least 5 business days prior to the renewal date. We are not responsible for migrating websites away.

Don’t see the answer to your question here? Check out our what to expect page for information on working with us, or contact us.

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