Environmental Policies

Being nestled in the mountains of British Columbia, Whistler Creative is a green design company, we have a natural drive to build sustainable processes and integrate environmentally friendly approaches into our business. We always offer eco-friendly options to clients and use recycled materials wherever possible. Our 2020 Impact Report is coming soon.

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Whistler Creative has completed the Green Graphic Design Course taught by Little Fox. Through the course, we learned about best sustainable practices in graphic design. This included how print design can be done to minimize the impact of paper fibre consumption on forests; which packaging materials are appropriate for what projects and their respective pros and cons in terms of sustainability; how to avoid green-washing and adhere to FTC guidelines on appropriate marketing language; strategies on how to effectively incorporate sustainable practices and aesthetics into diverse businesses and more. Want to learn more? Let’s have a conversation!

one tree planted with each print order

One tree planted

British Columbia is known for its forests, wildlife, mountains, lakes, and rivers. Over time, insect pests, diseases and the logging industry have decimated enormous areas of forest.

Our goal as a design studio is to give back to our environment, by supporting the common vision of a forest, pulp and paper industry that contributes to a clean, healthy, just and sustainable future for all life on earth.

Our donation from each print order will go directly towards planting new trees and supporting old growth conservation efforts within our backyard of British Columbia, Canada.

Sustainable Paper Options

Alternative Paper

As a design studio, one of the ways we are helping to take some pressure off lumber extraction for paper/pulp is by providing tree-free, sustainable paper stock options to our clients for consideration for their print projects. Switching to alternative paper can help save millions of acres of forest and wildlife habitats.

Find out more about the most common, affordable and sustainable options for your consideration, and contact us for more information and a quote for your next project.

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