Why Business Cards Matter

Your business is your passion and your dreams come to life. Your business is a reflection of all of the long hours, the days spent pining over your vision and focus, and your future. Maybe you’ve got a website, some marketing materials, and a good digital presence.

Maybe you’re thinking, “It’s 2019…why do business cards matter?”

We’re here to tell you why. We’re here to share with you the importance of having business cards and how they can help you share your business with the world.

After all, you’ve only got one first impression. Make it count.

First Impressions Matter

Whether you’re at a business networking event, a meeting, or simply just running into someone new at the store, you’ve only got one chance to make a good first impression. You’re marketing yourself everywhere you can and sharing what you do with others when the moment is right. 

If you don’t currently have a business card, how are you sharing your information? Maybe it’s writing it down on a small slip of lightweight paper that will eventually get tucked away and lost or perhaps it’s entering your information on their phone. While this is technically a way to share your name and number, it doesn’t always work long term. People forget, people make mistakes when writing things down, people lose things, and people go on to think about other things as soon as the conversation is finished.

Having a high-quality business card on hand is the perfect way to ensure that your information is all in one place and that your business name now has a personal face attached to it. Having a personal connection now helps put your business one step above the rest and is a quick, easy, affordable, and effective marketing tool to utilize. Not only that but carrying a business card can also give you a professional image and help you appear confident about yourself and your business.

Building Your Brand

Building your brand is your top priority as a business. You want to make sure people know you and feel that they can trust you with their business. Having business cards that looks the part can allow you to feel confident handing it over and knowing that one new person (at least) will be seeing your brand. It’s important to view business cards as extensions of your brand. Especially since you’ve worked so hard to create a presence in our digital age, having this tangible object to promote your business is a great way to keep the person connected and your business at the forefront.

Your business Cards… Your Way

While we at Whistler Creative are firm believers in the power of a business card, quality and design are paramount. Rest assured that you’re in the right place. We help small, medium, startup, or growing businesses as they communicate their message visually. Let us help make your business card reflective of your business. We’ll work to ensure that your business card is an appropriate and engaging extension of your brand. Included on your card is everything you want to be. While most businesses opt for their logo, name, position title, and contact information, your card is custom designed for you and your business. This means it won’t look like anyone else’s.

In a world full of lookalikes, make your business stand out. Give your business the personal edge it needs to share all that you’re passionate about with the world.

Your Time to Shine

There is no time like the present to get started and create your new business card. Whistler Creative is currently celebrating 10 Years in business! We are so excited and want to share and celebrate this time with you. To do so…we’re giving YOU a gift! We’re offering an Anniversary Promotion that you can’t beat. For only $150, you’ll get a custom business card design and 250 printed cards on recycled, tree-free cards! Not only that, but your business cards will be helping other causes, too. We’ll be donating 10% of every sale to Whistler Community Services Society and Community Foundation of Whistler during the months of March and April.

So…what are you waiting for!?

It’s time to reconnect. It’s time to extend your brand. It’s time to make that first impression count.

Contact us today to take advantage of this promotion or to talk more about what business cards can do for your business.

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