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Hello and welcome! This is your Client Portal where you can find everything you need during our project from all your files to how to contact me. You'll have full access to this area throughout the whole project and for 6 months after completion.

How to contact me

If you have any small questions or comments throughout the project, you can  if you would prefer to have a phone conversation, schedule a call here.


My typical working week is Monday - Friday, 9am - 4pm.
Occasionally I take time off for holidays or events - if this is due to happen during our project I will let you know. Other than that you can expect intermittent availability around all major holidays including Christmas, New Year & Easter.


All homework items are outlined below within the "Discovery & Homework" phase, these items must all be complete before design work can begin. (Delay in homework can result in the project schedule being pushed back.)
DiscoveryCurrent Phase
June 29, 2018 Estimated Completion Date

Phase 1 Discovery + Homework

Phase 2 Branding Design

Phase 3 Web Design + Development

Phase 4 Tools + Resources

Phase 5 Admin

Phase 6 Project Wrap Up