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Why Business Cards Matter

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Your business is your passion and your dreams come to life. Your business is a reflection of all of the long hours, the days spent pining over your vision and focus, and your future. Maybe you’ve got a website, some marketing materials, and a good digital presence.

Maybe you’re thinking, “It’s 2019…why do business cards matter?”

We’re here to tell you why. We’re here to share with you the importance of having a business card and how they can help you share your business with the world.

After all, you’ve only got one first impression. Make it count.

First Impressions Matter

Whether you’re at a business networking event, a meeting, or simply just running into someone new at the store, you’ve only got one chance to make a good first impression. You’re marketing yourself everywhere you can and sharing what you do with others when the moment is right. If you don’t currently have a business card, how are you sharing your information? Maybe it’s writing it down on a small slip of lightweight paper that will eventually get tucked away and lost or perhaps it’s entering your information on their phone. While this is technically a way to share your name and number, it doesn’t always work long term. People forget, people make mistakes when writing things down, people lose things, and people go on to think about other things as soon as the conversation is finished. Read More